One of the most profound and moving things I’ve ever seen. Ralf Jean-Pierre is a genius and an inspiration.
— Gustavo Gonzalez, filmmaker
... Expertly directed by professor Jolie Tong... reminded me of where I come from and where I am now... I left a rabid fan!
— Micah Sherman, actor and comedian
Beautiful. Touching. Marvelous. Ralf is a freaking genius, and that’s no lie.
— Jason Specland, Actor and comedian
What a unique, wonderful show.
— Ana Jimenez, United Nations secratary
I cried, I laughed, the whole thing was so fantastic. Ralf is an amazing performer, really born to be an entertainer... I didn’t even want to break for intermission, I wanted to keep watching... This is an amazing story that more people need to hear.
— Kayla Goble, event lighting specialist