About the play


WHAT SHOULD BE THE FEAR is a one-man show that tells the astonishing true story of Ralf's year-long, 4000 mile, one-man street Shakespeare tour of the United States, by bicycle, alone. Desperate to master the debilitating fear that reared its head in wake of the passing of his best friend, Ralf zealously embarked on this adventure in 2012. By forcing himself to confront these strange characters and frontiers of America, Ralf manufactured his own vision-quest to find himself, as an artist and as a man.

In a tour-de-force performance, playing more than 20 characters, both real-life and Shakespearean, Ralf Jean-Pierre puts the audience in his bicycle seat as he portrays the harrowing, odd, transformative adventures he endured on his offbeat odyssey. WHAT SHOULD BE THE FEAR is a rollicking coming-of-age tale of a determined young man peddling down a briery road armed with nothing but some Shakespeare and an open heart. The play also features an original blues-rap score written and composed by Ralf, from an album of the same name, with musical direction by musician Omar Haddad.

WHAT SHOULD BE THE FEAR is  written by Jolie Tong and Ralf Jean-Pierre, directed by Jolie Tong and starring Ralf Jean-Pierre. It debuted July 2017 at Gamba Forest Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.